2806, 2016

Alzheimer’s and Oral Health: What You Should Know

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June is Alzeheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month, a time when it is important for us to talk about this difficult disease and what we can do to help those affected by it. In addition to [...]

2006, 2016

Thinking About Water Flossing? Here’s What You Should Know

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Technology has brought the dental industry some wonderful advancements, like X-rays and the electric toothbrush. Fairly recently, water flossing emerged. These devices uses jets of water to clean between teeth and along the gum line. [...]

1806, 2016

6 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Your Saliva

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You may not realize just how powerful your saliva is. In fact, you might think it’s a little gross, right? Most people don’t talk about it, and we cringe if we see someone drool or [...]

705, 2016

Dental Advice for Mothers

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Whether you are expecting your first baby or have older children, it is important to understand how to take care of your teeth as well as the teeth in your child’s mouth. With Mother’s Day [...]

2704, 2016

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay: When Should I Worry?

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Many children use a bottle well after their first teeth have emerged. Though most children will start solid food around 6 months of age, they are still dependent on formula or breast milk to get [...]

2204, 2016

What You Should Know About Dry Mouth

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Waking up in the middle of the night thirsty is one thing, but dry mouth – also known as xerostomia – is quite another. This condition can occur for a variety of reasons. Nailing down [...]