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August 24, 2018
August 24, 2018

Dr. Deborah Aten and Dr. Anthony Garofalo take pride in providing excellent dental care to the Ballantyne community. Whether you need your teeth cleaned, a tooth extraction, or a cosmetic procedure, our friendly dental professionals will provide the best oral care suitable for your unique needs.

Aten & Garofalo Dentistry is patient-centered and passionate about educating our clients about good oral health and how to maintain it. Dental education and treatment planning help our patients:

  • Play an active role in determining their dental treatment goals
  • Make educated decisions to achieve long term oral health

As passionate dentists in Ballantyne, Dr. Aten and Dr. Garofalo are always happy to meet new patients and build new relationships with those who are seeking excellent oral care. 

Our dental team has established meaningful relationships with our patients for the past 15 years and continues to find great fulfillment in welcoming new patients to our growing dental community. 

Schedule an appointment with two of the top dentists in the Ballantyne Charlotte area today!

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