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Tooth Extractions Faq’s

March 1, 2021
March 1, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I go straight to an oral surgeon?
Consult your dentist first before going to an oral surgeon. The first step is to have a comprehensive oral exam to know your exact condition and help your dentist assess if oral surgery is necessary.
How can I overcome my fear of tooth extraction?
Many patients have developed the fear of tooth extraction due to several factors, such as previous bad experiences with the dentist. However, by knowing more about your tooth extraction and communicating your concerns to your dentist, you may be able to cope with your fear of the procedure.


Are you awake for a tooth extraction?

Yes. Your dentist will apply a numbing gel and a local anesthetic to help relieve the pain during your tooth extraction. However, some dentists may recommend different sedation options for patients with extreme dental anxiety.

Can a dentist pull a broken tooth at the gum line?

A dentist can extract the broken tooth from your gum line. However, the approach of your dentist will depend on your current dental condition. Your oral exam and x-ray results can help your dentist assess if a simple extraction is enough or a surgical extraction is required to extract your broken tooth.


How long does it take to recover from a tooth extraction?

Every patient heals at a different pace. The typical recovery period for tooth extraction can take several days to a week. The recovery period may also depend on the type of extraction and the health condition of the patient.

How soon after tooth extraction can I eat?

Typically, patients can eat a soft diet one to two hours after the tooth extraction. However, the patient must make sure that the extracted area is safe from any food or drink debris to prevent any complications and speed up their healing process. Patients must also follow the dentist’s advice on the types of food to avoid during the recovery period.

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