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Dental Cleaning in Ballantyne Charlotte, NC

One of the most important measures in preventive dental care is attending your routine teeth cleaning and exam. This appointment is necessary for tartar removal, polishing your teeth, and examining your mouth for signs of dental problems. At Aten & Garofalo Dentistry, we offer teeth cleaning in Ballantyne, NC, to help Charlotte area patients keep their teeth and gums healthy.

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Routine Dental Exams

Dental exams are an essential part of routine care. Appointments are scheduled every six months to ensure plaque, tartar, and bacteria have limited time to build up along the teeth and gums. Your dentist examines your teeth, gums, mouth, and bone structure. If any problems arise, they can be diagnosed and treated promptly.

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Deep Dental Cleaning

During a regular dental cleaning, the teeth are cleaned and polished. However, patients who are prone to gum disease or decay or who haven’t been to the dentist in a while may need a deep dental cleaning. Also called planing and scaling, a deep dental cleaning in Ballantyne uses ultrasonic or special tools to remove tartar and bacteria along and under the gum line.

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Oral Hygiene Habits

Keeping your mouth healthy is a team effort. Your dental team does their part during your teeth cleaning appointments. Your role is to maintain good oral hygiene habits at home between your dental visits. This involves brushing twice and flossing once daily, using mouthwash, replacing your toothbrush or toothbrush head regularly, and watching for signs of a problem.

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At Aten & Garofalo Dentistry, we believe every patient deserves a beautiful smile. That starts with good oral hygiene, education on good habits, and dental cleanings in Ballantyne Charlotte, NC. We set our patients up for success in reaching their smile goals, and teeth cleanings are the first step in the process.

When you come into the office for a dental cleaning, you will visit with a dental hygienist. Our team will get to know you, your dental history, and your needs. Your hygienist will clean and polish your teeth using special tools to remove plaque and tartar. If you have excessive tartar buildup, an additional deep cleaning appointment may be necessary to ensure your mouth is properly cleaned and treated.

During your dental cleaning, you can also expect to have X-rays. This allows your Ballantyne dentists to understand what is going on beneath the surface. We can monitor signs of a problem and see if issues are lurking that may affect the gums, roots, and jaw bone. 

No matter what your dental needs are, Aten & Garofalo Dentistry has you covered. We offer a comprehensive range of dental procedures in Ballantyne, NC. Our services include complete general, cosmetic, restorative, or emergency dental care.  Book an appointment with Dr. Aten and Dr. Garofalo today!


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Is it necessary to get dental cleanings?

Yes! Professional teeth cleanings improve the health and quality of your teeth, gums, and mouth. These appointments ensure you have a healthy mouth and smile for years to come. Preventive dental cleanings help to prevent the development of decay and oral disease.

What is included in a dental cleaning?

A basic cleaning includes the following: 

  • Examining the mouth, teeth, and gums
  • Scaling to remove tartar buildup
  • Brushing or polishing the teeth
  • Flossing
  • Rinsing the mouth
What is a deep dental cleaning?

A deep dental cleaning is often recommended for patients with gum disease. The hygienist measures the distance between the tooth and gum tissue to determine if there is a pocket or space. When pockets exist, the gums start pulling away from the teeth, allowing bacteria to build up. This can progress into severe cases of gum disease and even tooth loss.

During a deep cleaning, a deep scaling and root planing are done with an ultrasonic device to clean beneath the gums. This removes plaque that has spread below the gum line. An antibiotic helps destroy any lingering bacteria. The deep dental cleaning process helps slow the progression of gum disease and helps the gums reattach to the teeth.

Do teeth cleanings hurt?

In most cases, dental cleanings do not hurt. If you keep up with your regularly scheduled appointments, any scaling and tartar removal should be minimal. The treatment should not cause you pain.

However, if you have gum inflammation, tooth decay, or underlying oral disease, your mouth may be more sensitive. Please always let us know if you experience any discomfort or if your mouth is feeling sensitive. We can take added precautions to keep you comfortable throughout the treatment. Your comfort and oral health are our priorities.

How long does a dental cleaning take?

A routine dental cleaning takes about 30 minutes. If it is your initial cleaning appointment with the office or you have missed your most recent appointments, the cleaning may take up to an hour. Patients with tooth decay, tartar buildup, or signs of gum disease will require longer dental appointments to treat the issues. Once any issues have been treated, future dental cleanings will require less time as long as you maintain good habits at home.

How often should you get your teeth cleaned?

Every patient is different. However, the normal exam and cleaning schedule is every six months. This timing ensures tartar and bacteria buildup is minimal and easily removed. Additionally, any problems that do pop up between appointments are generally minor and easily resolved.

Patients who are at risk for gum disease or are prone to tooth decay may need teeth cleanings every three to four months. This helps prevent the progression of their dental disease. Your dental team will design an appropriate treatment plan and schedule based on your unique needs.