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Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants in Ballantyne

Dental Sealants in Ballantyne

Don’t let tooth decay and other dental issues stand a chance! Protect your molars with dental sealants. Molar teeth have many nooks and crannies where bacteria and food can get stuck. With dental sealants in Ballantyne, you cover the potential breeding ground of bacteria and preserve the pristine condition of your permanent teeth.

Purpose of dental sealants in Ballantyne, NC


Dental sealants help protect the vulnerable depressions in the molar teeth against tooth decay. The sealant is made of thin plastic that will prolong the life of natural teeth in children who have newly developed permanent teeth and adults with no tooth decay in the molars. Patients can maintain a good bite and delay restorative dental treatments with healthy natural teeth.

Application of dental sealants in Ballantyne, NC


Your dentist will place a chemical on your molars to roughen the surface of your teeth to ensure the dental sealant will stick. After removing the chemical residue, your dentist will start coating the dental sealants on the chewing surface of your molars. A blue light will help them dry and harden the dental sealant material and fix them on your teeth.

preventive advantage of dental sealants in Ballantyne, NC

Preventive advantage

Aside from maintaining good oral hygiene, dental sealants level up your preventive dental care and oral health. You’re not only saving yourself from the pain of tooth decay but also from the expensive dental services that come with dental restorations.

At Aten & Garofalo Dentistry, we believe that preventive care can save patients from the perils of tooth decay and tooth loss in the long term. Through the perfect combination of dental sealants and good oral hygiene, patients have a higher chance of preventing dental conditions and tooth loss.

With healthy molar teeth, patients can enjoy a lifetime eating the foods they love without difficulty chewing. They also reduce their risk of developing bite conditions and jaw problems that may impair their speech and cause other health issues. Grab the chance to protect your molar teeth today before it’s too late.


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Dental sealants are most effective on children with newly developed permanent teeth. According to the CDC, children around ages 6 to 11 are the ideal age to get dental sealants.

Dental sealants prevent 80% of cavities two years after dental sealant application, according to a report from the CDC. Investing in dental sealants will save you and your family from the horrors of tooth pain and dental costs in the long run.

Though they are thin plastic coatings, dental sealants can last for up to 9 years. However, they may wear off over time. You should visit your dentist twice a year to keep them in check.

Dental sealants are not as necessary as brushing and flossing but play a crucial role in preserving your natural tooth until adulthood and into your senior years.

Dental sealants are safe to use on your teeth. Their benefits outweigh the risks in protecting your oral and overall health.

Yes. The longevity of your dental sealants depends on how hard you grind or chew your food. Hard foods may also cause the dental sealants to chip off. However, if you care for them, they may last for up to 9 years.

Preventive dental treatments are usually covered in full by most dental insurance companies. Check with your insurance provider to learn more about its coverage rate.

You can remove dental sealants if they are already worn off from years of use. It is best to have them replaced as soon as you notice that they are coming off.