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As a top-rated dental provider in Ballantyne, NC, we want to take care of our patients, both inside our dental office and outside of it. We are known for giving our patients excellent oral care with our range of premium dental services, including teeth cleanings, dental crowns, root canals, and teeth whitening. We can also be found on several online profiles on different websites and directories that you can use to connect with us. If you’re new to town, or you just want to explore what the area has to offer, we’ve taken the time to organize a list of resources for you to check out.

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Known as one of the most affluent areas in North Carolina, Ballantyne, NC is full of many fun things to do, restaurants to eat at, and ways to get around. There is also a list of reliable resources for local businesses, banking needs, healthcare, and education.

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Ballantyne is located in Charlotte in Mecklenburg County, near the southern area of North Carolina. The total population of Ballantyne is 70,582. Ballantyne is also listed as one of the best neighborhoods in Charlotte, North Carolina yearly.



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New York University
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International College of Dentists
American Dental Association
North Carolina Dental Society
Charlotte Dental Society
Seattle Study Club

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