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How a Cleaning Helps Brighten Your Teeth

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How a Cleaning Helps Brighten Your Teeth

When you have your teeth regularly cleaned every six months, you will notice that not only do your teeth feel cleaner but they might also appear whiter. This is common for everyone. There are many reasons for this and the top dentist in Charlotte can tell you why a good cleaning will brighten your teeth and give you a healthier, whiter appearance overall.

Brighten Your Teeth with a Cleaning

When you go into the office for a cleaning, you are going to work on your dental health. When they finish your cleaning, you will notice that your mouth feels cleaner. However, also it might also brighten your teeth.

When the hygienist removes all of that plaque and buildup that has been hiding in between the teeth, in the gum line and in those hard to reach areas, this leaves these areas cleaner than they have ever been. This helps to whiten the teeth, as what you had there before was yellow plaque and build up.

It is important to keep up on your oral health through the use of regular dental cleanings with a professional dentist in Charlotte, NC. When they clean the teeth, you also reduce the chances of having cracked or broken teeth. Plus, it will minimize the cavities found within your mouth since the plaque is not there to cause decay.

Speak with Our Professional Dentists

Our professional dentists here at Aten & Garofalo Dentistry in Charlotte, NC are able to provide you with the cleaning, as well as exam that you need to have cleaner, healthier and whiter teeth overall. Allow our professionals to give you even more information about your smile and any procedures that you’re thinking of having done. We can provide you with the best dental care out there. Give us a call to learn even more.

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