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Patient Q&A: When Should I Use "Sensitive" Toothpaste?

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Patient Q&A: When Should I Use "Sensitive" Toothpaste?

We get questions all the time about sensitive teeth and what to do about them. If you are experiencing sensitivity, you may want to consider using a special toothpaste that can help to alleviate your symptoms. Here, we’ll dive into why your teeth might be sensitive and what your options may be for treatment.

Teeth sensitivity

According to the American Dental Association, about 12 percent of people will experience tooth sensitivity at some point. By definition, teeth become sensitive when one of the following occurs:

  • The enamel that covers teeth gets thinner, due to aggressive brushing or acidic foods/drinks.
  • There is gum recession.
  • There is decay or a break that exposes the dentin of the tooth.
  • A patient has recently had a dental treatment, such as a filling or teeth whitening.

You will definitely know when your teeth have gotten sensitive. You will feel it when you have food or drinks that are hot or cold, or when you eat very sweet or very acidic items. Some people even experienced the feeling when breathing in cold air. It is also possible for the sensitivity to come and go.

Treating the issue

It’s always a good idea to discuss any oral issue you are having with your dentist in Ballantyne. We can help determine what the cause may be. For example, a cavity may be at the heart of what is going on. In that case, we can treat the problem to help eliminate your symptoms.

In other cases, we may recommend that you use a desensitizing toothpaste. These products work because they contain elements that will actually block the feelings that travel from the surface of your tooth down to the nerve. Be aware that it may take a few brushings in order for the toothpaste to work.

When the toothpaste is not enough, you should come to our office, where we have other options available. For example, we can apply a topical agent that is stronger than the toothpaste to do the job.

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