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Teenagers: Tips for a Healthier Mouth

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Teenagers: Tips for a Healthier Mouth

To a teenager, looks can be everything. While it takes some time to understand that beauty is more than skin deep, it can be hard to explain that to someone who is going through adolescence. At Aten & Garofalo Family Dentistry, our goal is to make sure that our patients feel good about the way their mouth looks and feels. That is why we offer the following tips to our teenage patients:

1. Remember to brush and floss.

Teenage years can be exhausting, as students are increasingly involved in extracurricular activities and social events. However, teens must make it a priority to brush and floss, especially before going to bed at night. This will keep infections at bay and prevent unwanted issues like bad breath or stained teeth.

2. Keep dental appointments.

Everyone should see the dentist at least twice a year in order to ensure that everything in the mouth is as it should be. Teenagers are no exception. Make sure dental appointments have a place on the calendar. In some cases, it may be necessary to see the dentist more often. Follow the doctor’s advice and keep appointments.

3. Avoid smoking.

Though some people may try to pass off smoking as cool, it is anything but that. In addition to the serious damage that smoking can do to the lungs and overall health, it also takes a toll on the mouth. Tar can stain teeth, and, worse, it can lead to oral cancer. Teenagers who have smoked should quit immediately or seek help to do so.

4. Beware of oral piercings.

Piercing the lip, tongue or cheeks can introduce harmful bacteria to the mouth. Though we know it can be a form of self-expression, teens should think twice before jumping into the trend. Some people have negative reactions to a piercing, which can result in life-threatening swelling. Jewelry in and around the mouth can also lead to cracked teeth.

5. Use a mouth guard.

Teenage years are a popular time for braces and other orthodontics. These devices should not keep someone from engaging in activities like sports, but they should be taken into account. It is a good idea for anyone – braces or not – to wear a mouth guard during contact sports. This can prevent damage to the mouth and to expensive orthodontics.

The teenage years are some of the most formative that anyone experiences. It is a good time to develop responsible habits that can last a lifetime. Anyone who has questions about this topic can contact our offices to schedule an appointment: 704-540-4252.

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