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Why Candy Is Bad For Your Teeth?

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Why Candy Is Bad For Your Teeth?

Most of us have a sweet tooth and occasionally indulge in some candy which is okay. However, there are some things that we must think about before we eat another piece of candy.

Candy consumption can cause three things to your oral health. Eating candy cannot only cause cavities, weaken your tooth enamel, and can also play a role in tooth decay too. Let’s talk about each cause, but we will tackle cavities first and go down the list.

Candy Can Cause Cavities

The amount of sugar in a piece of candy doesn’t necessarily cause the formation of a cavity. What causes the cavity is the atmosphere that it creates in the mouth. As we know already, our mouths are full of bacteria and some of that bacteria make up a healthy oral atmosphere. However, when we eat something sugary it can disrupt the healthy oral atmosphere because harmful bacteria will then feed off the sugar. Therefore, forming cavities in your teeth.

Candy Can Weaken Your Tooth Enamel

Piggybacking off what happens when you eat something sugary, the bacteria that feeds off the sugar can then create harmful acids that can weaken your tooth enamel. Therefore, causing your teeth to be brittle and weak.

Candy Can Play a Role in Tooth Decay

Candy can contribute to tooth decay because if you leave all that sugar hanging out in your mouth it produces acids that dissolve and damage the teeth. This causes your teeth to deteriorate.

If You Choose to Eat Candy these are the Ones to Avoid

Avoid any form sticky or chewy candy. This type of candy gets caught in your teeth which can be difficult to get out and can cause tooth decay. It can also pull out old cavity fillings or even teeth if you aren’t careful.

Another form of candy that should be avoided is hard candy because it stays in your mouth longer. This gives your mouth more opportunity to release enamel-eating acid.

You should probably avoid any form of sour candy because they too can release enamel-eating acid.

How Can You Minimize the Impact of Candy?

A good rule of thumb is to eat candy with a meal. When candy is eaten with a meal, your saliva production increases. Saliva is a good thing because it does not only cancel the acids in your mouth, but it also helps wash away food particles. Therefore, reducing the impact of anything negative happening to your teeth.

When it comes to your personal hygiene and oral care it’s actually better for you to rinse your mouth with water first, then wait 30 minutes before you actually brush their teeth.

Lastly, don’t forget to get your teeth checked and cleaned periodically by your dentist. If it has been a while since you have had either, we highly advise you to get in touch with us.

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