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Why You Should Drink More Water as Your New Years’ Resolution

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Why You Should Drink More Water as Your New Years’ Resolution

Almost everyone has been told at one point or another to drink more water. This is because water is an incredibly versatile and necessary substance. It helps you wake up, stay focused and alert, keeps your circulation in check, regulates digestion, and so much more. Did you know, though, that drinking water is an important part of a healthy mouth too? Aten and Garofalo Dentistry, among the best offices in Charlotte, North Carolina, is dedicated to making sure that your smile is your best smile. That’s what we want to educate you on the absolute importance of keeping hydrated year-round. This new year as you are working on being your best self, be sure to pencil this one into this list.

If You Drink More Water, Your Teeth Will Thank You

The big thing about drinking water is that it keeps your mouth moist. This may not sound like a big deal, but it is. Increasing the moisture levels also means increasing your saliva levels. Saliva carries natural proteins and minerals that help to protect and strengthen your teeth. As long as you stay adequately hydrated, you have a limitless supply of liquid shield for your teeth! Dry mouths provide the perfect places for rot and decay. More than that, as you drink water you are sweeping away bacteria and food particles without leaving behind the nasty film that a sugary juice or soda would leave coating the surface of your teeth. The type of water you drink makes a difference too. Drinking water with fluoride in it helps to strengthen your teeth gradually and protects against cavities!

Even if you think you lead a pretty healthy lifestyle and take good care of your teeth, no one can really lose anything if they drink more water. It can only ever help. For more information on what easy changes you can make this coming year to help keep yourself healthy and happy, call us at Aten & Garofalo Dentistry today.

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