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History of Ballantyne, NC

Welcome to Ballantyne, North Carolina! This 2,000 acre area is nestled along the South Carolina border and is one of Charlotte’s youngest (or newest) neighborhoods. Today, Ballantyne’s upscale neighborhood is home to approximately 20,000 residents.

Ballantyne has grown quickly over the last 30 years. Read on to learn more about the history of Ballantyne, NC and its residential and business developments.

Historical Growth

Until the 1990’s, Ballantyne was still undeveloped. The fields were owned by a family who later saw the area as a potential asset for residential and commercial growth.

Hunting Tract

The roughly 2,000 acres of land that we now know as Ballantyne once belonged to Cameron Morrison, a former governor of North Carolina. The area was once used by the family as a large hunting preserve. The hunting tract was attached to the governor’s 3,000-acre dairy farm. 

Former Governor Morrison’s grandchildren, Johnny Harris, Cameron Harris, and Sara Harris Bissell, first developed the dairy farm into what is now SouthPark, a residential Charlotte neighborhood. Later, the hunting preserve was also developed by the Harris Group. This area is now home to Ballantyne.

Ballantyne, NC Then and Now

Ballantyne has come a long way from undeveloped farm and hunting grounds. When development started, the neighborhood quickly grew. Business parks, residential areas, a country club, and shopping centers now cover the former hunting tract.

Corporate Park Development

When ground broke on the Harrison/Morrison family ground, Johnny Harris and his brother-in-law, Smoky Bissell started with the Ballantyne Corporate Park. This corporate park has become one of the most successful master-planned communities

In 1995, Smoky Bissell bought out Johnny Harris’ shares of the development project for $20 million. The community finally had a name. Bissell named the neighborhood after his great aunt.

The Ballantyne Corporate Park is a 535-acre business park. With over 4,000,000 square feet of Class-A office space, the business park is home to major corporations such as Extended Stay America, Inc; ESPN regional television; SPX; Wells Fargo; Babcock & Wilcox; and more. 

The corporate park has won esteemed awards including being named the International Office Park of the Year by the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) in 2010.

In 2017, the business park was sold to Northwood Investors as part of the largest transaction in Charlotte real estate history. The park was sold for $1.2 billion. Northwood Investors has a phased plan to transform the corporate park into a walkable community with parks, greenways, retail space, and residential or family units.

Ballantyne Country Club

As the land around Ballantyne was developed, Crescent Resources purchased 610 acres of land which later became the Ballantyne Country Club. Established in 1996, the Ballantyne Country Club is a private, members only club. Membership includes amenities such as tennis, swimming, dining, fitness, and events.

Ballantyne Village

With the development of the neighborhood came retail experiences. Ballantyne Village offers residents and visitors shopping and dining. With a building that combines main street with an art deco flair, Ballantyne Village is a landmark architectural statement

A main street runs through the shopping center giving visitors easy access to shopping, sidewalk dining, and a movie theater.

Art Installation

Ballantyne is home to immense art monuments created by Boris Tomic, a Yugoslavian artist. Located at the intersection of Ballantyne Commons and Johnston Road, the 30-foot monuments represent finance, transportation, technology, and human spirit. 

These monuments were designed to pay tribute to Charlotte’s roots and can be easily accessed as one of Ballantyne’s parks.

Ballantyne Reimagined

Ballantyne’s growth is continuing. With Ballantyne Reimagined, plans are in the works to create a more urban, walkable environment. The features and amenities of the community will be more accessible to make life easier for everyone.

Plans will be rolled out in phases with strategic development planning. Phase I is scheduled to be 5-6 years from now. This includes over 1,000 multi-family housing units, 300,000 square feet of retail space, 200 hotel rooms, an amphitheater for performances and events, and significant space for parks and open areas. 

Stay tuned for these exciting developments.

Ballantyne, NC Today

Ballantyne, NC has grown immensely in less than 30 years. In 2012, residents of the community met to discuss breaking away from Charlotte to incorporate Ballantyne as its own town. This has not been done before and thus far, still has not happened.

With more plans and development phases underway, exciting changes are coming. The added growth will bring in more opportunities for families and workers through parks, shopping, office space, and more.

Things to Do in Ballantyne

Let’s not forget about all that Ballantyne has to offer now. From games and sports, spa experiences, art, shopping, and dining, Ballantyne has activities for children, adults, couples, and families.

Visit Ballantyne, NC

While it may not be considered old or historic, Ballantyne does have its own history. Whether you are a local or are visiting from Charlotte and the surrounding areas, Ballantyne is an exciting, growing community

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